Commercial Exhaust Fans in Lodi, CA

Ensure that your ventilation system stays functional with new commercial exhaust fans in Lodi, CA, from Commercial Kitchen Services. At our local company, we offer a range of services for clients looking for commercial exhaust fan installation. Turn to us today to request an estimate for your new fans.

Undergo a Commercial Exhaust Fan Installation

A crucial part to any ventilation system is the exhaust fan. Commercial exhaust fans are normally located on the exterior of the building or another place open to outside air. Exhaust fans can be mounted on the roof or on the side of the building. Depending on the direction the discharge airflow needs to go, a side-mount, downdraft, or up-shot type exhaust fan can be ordered.

Different types of commercial exhaust fans can be used for different applications, and within each application the size of the fan will vary. For this reason, choosing an exhaust fan is important to know the type of application it will be used in and the size of the application. For ventilation of your commercial kitchen hoods, such as an island hood, our most popular model sold is an upshot (discharge air goes directly vertical out of the fan), centrifugal, and "mushroom" type assembly. However, there are many alternatives for each project.

Types of Exhausts vs. Types of Discharge

It is important to note that all components for your commercial exhaust fans must be accessible or have removable access panels for cleaning and inspection and must be designed to contain and drain any excess grease.

Axial Fan

Axial Fan, Wall Mount - Side Discharge

Axial Fan, Wall Mount - Side Discharge

Upward Discharge: None

Downward Discharge: Venting Kitchen to Atmosphere without Grease

Side Discharge: None

Centrifugal Fan

Centrifugal Fan, Roof Mount - Upward Discharge

Centrifugal Fan, Roof Mount - Upward Discharge

Centrifugal Fan, Roof Mount - Down Discharge

Centrifugal Fan, Roof Mount - Down Discharge

Upward Discharge: Commercial Island Hood, Any Commercial Hood with Roof Access, and Emergency Ventilation System

Downward Discharge: Grease Hood with Roof Access and Emergency Ventilation System

Side Discharge: Commercial Hood with Duct Running Out Through Side of Structure

Types of Commercial Exhaust Fans

Up-blast fans are typically aluminum centrifugal that are designed for roof mounting directly on top of the exhaust stack. Utility fans are normally roof-mounted with the inlet and outlet 90 degrees from each other and are typically used where high-static pressure losses exist. In line fans are typically located in the interior duct and are used where exterior fan mounting is impractical.

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